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In an emergency appeal a Virginia judge stated there was ZERO basis to have detained Raub. He was ordered released from custody, but not until after he had all of his firearms confiscated. He was also threatened by the attending psychiatrist to be “brainwashed” with drugs. Raub was ‘detained’ a full week without any charges being pressed.

Raub’s attorney stated that since the former Marine’s detention case, numerous veterans have come forward stating that they have been detained or threatened to be. This is an outrageous assault on our service men and women that cannot and must not be tolerated.

The people who fight for our liberty, including and especially freedom of speech, are now being denied that very right to verbalize their disagreement with a government that has betrayed the very Constitution these men and women swear a scared Oath to uphold and defend.

This abuse must not be allowed to stand.

Catherine Crabill - Irvington, Va

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John P. Kuchta, Jr.  - Truth Detective | |08-30-2012 05:50:20
I guess that violations of the Constitutional Rights of citizens are so commonplace that an incident like the detention of Brandon Raub goes barely noticed.

Our Governor didn't notice it, neither did our pencil-necked, pretty boy AG who wants to be Governor. Not a peep, nothing. i would have felt better if he would have just said,"Go to hell, Brandon, you just don't count!"

Any Congressmen, Senators, anybody? Nope.

Who signed that detention order anyway? Why did the county mounties,FBI and Secret Service not challenge the orders they were given? Did they not feel their sphincter muscles tighten just a tad? Like, man, this just ain't right!

If this incident doesn't drive home the fact that you're on your own, with just your posse for support, then shame on you!

It has to change, folks, before it gets down to hand-to-hand. I'm too old for all that crap!