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The following comment was published in response to a story on virginianewssource.com about the fallout from the recent discovery that nearly $1 million in tax money has been spent without authorization by the VB Mayor and his lackeys.  One candidate for city Council in November has contacted the FBI in Norfolk and called for an investigation.  It sounds to my uneducated legal mind that the corruption we see could easily be prosecuted under the RICO statutes.  That's "Racketeering In Corrupt Organizations," folks.  Aren't you glad that your city government can be described in this fashion?

Add this incident to the fact that the mayor works for a bank that benefits to the tune of $65 million in City tax receipt deposits which generate bonuses for the mayor / banker; and, that the Mayor was caught red-handed trying to negotiate a sole-source contract for the construction of a large convention center hotel with his favorite contractor, and folks, it's plain that changes need to be made.

Please consider the following candidates for City Council: Kenny Golden, Chuck Smith, Dave McCormick.  These men will aid and abet the efforts of John Moss and Bill DeSteph to bring us responsive, but smaller, government.

"RK" Rick Kowalewitch is running for Mayor and has been instrumental in exposing much of the corruption.  He is a successful, small businessman and would turnaround the culture of corruption that exists now.

Your vote in November will decide the future of the City of Virginia Beach.  Please make your vote count and please pass this email to your friends and family.  I don't know the personal finances of anyone on the "bcc;" but, around my kitchen table, a million dollars is a lot of hamburgers!

John P. Kuchta, Jr.
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John P. Kuchta, Jr.  - Truth Detective | |09-05-2012 15:27:35
I laughed out loud when I heard that the Dumocrats have take "God" out of their party platform. How many points will that drop Obama in the polls?

Mistakes like that are making the soon-to-be-distributed posters of Sessoms and Obama from 2008 a collectors item already. The line forms after me to get one for my front yard and for the tailgate of "Big Ugly," my 2500 series pick-up!

Mistakes like that will be taught in government classes at VT for years to come!