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It seems inevitable that once a trend towards the consolidation of power begins it is unstoppable except by a civil war of liberation. They usually do not turn out well.

Our War of Independence was an exception. We see what the second Great War of Northern Aggression (Not a civil war at all!) did to us----it consolidated power in Washington.

I will continue to fly in the face of public ignorance and support Ron Paul in any way I can. The country is sunk anyway. [I hope and pray I am wrong about this!] At least let the record show that a few of us understood the problem and the only solution--- an all of the way return to the Constitution and Declaration, and their principles of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness under limited civl government and maximum social virtues that once made us Great---imperfect though we may have been! "

To my answer to the friend I add:

Our problems are mainly moral. Budgets, and government climate in general, follow public morals. Our morals have been in decline for other a century.

The ongoing weakening of the family is both cause and consequence of government growth, the police state and welfare state being directly proportional.

The only "solution" on the horizon for government worshippers is to kill even greater numbers of the unwanted, the unborn, the chronically sick and the elderly.

Up to now it has been mainly neglect, now Obama's Death Panels are bringing it to your home! Unless Romney-Ryan address this directly there is no real hope in supporting them.

Me? I am seeking Jesus more and more!

Mike Smith - Chase City
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