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Unfortunately, Tim Kaine doesn’t seem to grasp the fact that places with less gun control, such as Kennesaw, Georgia, have crimes rates significantly lower than the national average.

The lack of actual support for gun rights from Tim Kaine, has led me to support George Allen in the upcoming US Senate election here in Virginia.  

During, his time in the US Senate, George Allen supported numerous bills that protected the rights of American gun owners, from sponsoring measures like the “National Right to Carry Reciprocity” bill to supporting the “Disaster Recovery Personal Protection Act”, he has led the way on championing our Second Amendment rights.  

I urge my fellow Second Amendment supporters to get behind George Allen and his campaign, because we need a true supporter of our right to “keep and bear arms”, not just another politician who will give us lip service like Tim Kaine.

Robert Melvin - Virginia Beach


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