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Now that Virginia Beach has forged into an urbanization mode, it can't be undone. Flexibility and consideration to meet the ever growing demands of core services must be balanced with increased revenue streams. It is a fact of life.  The thrust of urbanization is not known to be an economy of scale, but advocates the need for new and accommodating solutions. Moss and DeSteph’s Spartan approach may sound appealing to the uninformed but this standstill mentality  fails to look ahead and mitigate unknown economic permutations.

The only austerity that I advocate is that of the lawful conduct of our local government business. The completeness of recorded correspondence is sketchy at best, where germane documentation, whether hard copy or electronic, escape the archives through negligent routing to the recording custodian. City Council is notorious, as is the City Manager, of failing to route all city business for archival and inclusion on the custodian’s index.

The “Conservative Coalition” city council candidates are attempting to overcome well funded incumbents with insufficient funds to prevail in a traditional campaign.  I would purport that unless one can come up with six digits they are wasting anything less. The nominal contributions given to a candidate are often squandered on over bought brochures, obnoxious signage placed in the public right-of-way, and funding entrance fees to festive merry-making political events

To prevail in this climate take thinking out of the box, and expending as little as possible. On the cusp of a new age of electioneering, signs, mailings, and brochure distribution are expenses that are unnecessary with the access to the voter through social networks, internet websites, Youtube productions, emailing, and cell phone text messages.

Out of the 3 mayoral candidates I am the only one that promises to seek assistance during the General Assembly sessions with a physical presence; unencumbered financially, and devoid of employment or business interests, I have the time to maintain regular Mayor’s office hours offering an open government, open door policy.

I wouldn't put much credence in the on-line poll. In the effort to skew the result, ardent supporters vote multiple times. By using diverse browsers, several user names, and most popularly clearing their "cookies", this deceptive practice is prevalent in on-line polls. Also,  a candidate was advertising with a link to vote for one of the other. The only poll that counts is the one on Nov 6th.  What ever derogatory remarks or suppositions are directed at me makes no difference. I’m in it to the end. Deal with it.

Wally Erb - wallyformayor.com

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Ben Krause  - Disappointed | |10-01-2012 18:34:33
Wally, I am very disappointed in you. You used to be a conservative. It appears that you have not be gettin yoour way and now, like a spoiled child, are striking out against your old friends. Either that or you need to change your tobacco. What you really should do is pray about this.
Rick Saylers | |10-02-2012 08:43:56
Ben I agree with you. This isn't the Wally of old. He seems bitter. Hell bent on destroying the city's only chance of dumping Mayor Sessoms. I bet Sessoms is paying Wally to be a spoiler. If that isn't the case then Wally is delusional and going through a mid-life mental crisis. He's pathetic.
Brenda Martinson | |10-02-2012 08:48:17
Wally is worse than pathetic. Have you seen how he dresses? That stupid looking straw hat, suspenders, and tennis shoes? Then he walks like a penguin with his feet flopped out to the side. Yeah, he's the kind of turncoat I want to watch throw the election.
Wally Erb  - Mid-life? | |10-04-2012 10:19:02
Wow, does that mean my life expectancy is 134 years? Maybe I should revise my thoughts on term limits. I'll take that bet. With three retirements, debt free, and a 7 digit portfolio, I don't need any pocket jingle.
Wally Erb  - Attire | |10-04-2012 10:25:15
Physical appearance seems to be a thing to Brenda. Very shallow. Irrespective, if I was the only challenger in the race, you would vote for me, wouldn't you. For that matter, you would probably vote for Obama over Sessoms.
Wally Erb  - Conservative | |10-04-2012 10:36:05
Ben: Are you serious? You would vote for more beachfront interest and a developer on council? Someone whose statements make promises, with less than a 10% voting power on council, cannot assure delivery? And I am not striking out against old friends. If true friends do not agree politically, they don't sever their personal relationship and respect their friend's opinion. Now that is something worth praying about!