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Dear Editor:

Last night a friend decried the lack of political parties to furnish worthy candidates. I couldn't answer quick enough as the others quickly changed the subject---not wanting to spoil a nice dinner party talking politics. So here is your answer!

Believers in smaller government, patriotic foreign policy, and a more moral society have over the decades failed to produce enough solidly conservative republican candidates to fill thousands of local and state elective offices around the country. That would have expanded the conservative core of the Republican Party and built larger “farm teams” for higher state and federal offices, right up to and including the presidency.

We may not much notice “down market” offices but George Soros does! He has been targeting many of Real Conservatives for defeat, as does the Republican Establishment--- who hate conservatives more than they hate democrats! We face an uphill battle, though the Tea Party has made encouraging inroads in some areas.

The twin effect of developing more future Ron Pauls, would also change the political landscape in local and state governments away from ever bigger, more abusive governments towards smaller, more family and business encouraging governments. Conservatively strengthened, states would effectively nullify unconstitutional federal expansions, while giving us many more conservative federal office holders---making state resistance less necessary than it is now.

There were several better candidates out there than what we got. Imagine how much better Ron Paul would have done had from a larger conservative Party base. Instead the party establishment gave us gave us a hardly conservative George Romney and an only somewhat Conservative Paul Ryan.

More of us Real Americans must put aside apathy and excuses and get involved in educating the ignorant half on what ills the nation and how to fix it, and then hold our noses if we have to--- and vote on November 6! Follow Michael H. Smith on Facebook.

Mike Smith - Chase City
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