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[This is an open letter I've written to Rosemary Wilson]

I hear that Rosemary Wilson is spreading rumors, that Kenny Golden used the "n" word. Yes, he says "nice" things about everyone.

He's an officer and a gentleman. When Rosemary is voted out of office on November 6th, maybe she can put her baby (Glenn Davis) into the Virginia Beach Foster Care System.

Ms.Wilson obviously thinks Robert Morin, Jim Spore, Cheryl Williams and Tamara Scurry, are doing an excellent job at the Human Services Department in Virginia Beach.

Good Night $weetheart, Well it's time for you to go; along with Mayor Sessoms and Glenn Davis.


Barbara M.

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John P. Kuchta, Jr.  - Truth Detective | |10-23-2012 05:04:46
The time for the "Big Spenders" like the Mayor and the majority of the city council to honor themselves is drawing to a close. They know the tsunami of taxpayer indignation is gathering to sweep the elections on 6 Nov. A city government with Rick Kowalewitch as mayor and Kenny Golden, Chuck Smith and Dave McCormick joining Moss and DeSteph on council will be a "Dream Team" for city governance.

Fiscal conservatives will guide the city through the tumultuous economic times ahead!