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You CANNOT be a Christian and vote for a party that seeks to legislate special protections for a group of people who define themselves by the way they prefer to have sex.

You CANNOT be a Christian and vote to incentivize out-of-wedlock births through welfare, etc, rather than discourage it and incentivize marriage.

You CANNOT be a Christian and vote to pervert and desensitize innocence by forcing sex education on our children.

You CANNOT be a Christian and support a party that sought to have God removed from its platform and booed when God was disingenuously reinstated!

In other words, you CANNOT be a Christian and be a Democrat. You can, however, call yourself one and be a hypocrite.

There is a Day of Judgment and how you cast your ballot is no secret to God.

Catherine Crabill - Irvington, VA

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anonymous  - women's rights in America | |10-23-2012 01:09:03
In the Garden of Eden, it might be easy to
pass Judgement, but in the Garden of Evil, where children are being abused, neglected and murdered, I would hope that those who truly care about the mother and her unborn child, would work hard to educate all members of our
society, so those who are desperate, do
no have babies for all the wrong reasons. Let's fix the killing fields on our
streets, before we impose our views on
women's rights and medical decisions with their bodies.
Wally Erb  - That's a lot of cannots | |10-24-2012 05:51:18
Here I thought believing in the message of salvation through grace and spreading that good news to open hearts to the love of God was Christianity.
I didn't know political party had anything to do with it.
annonymous  - Walter Erb -insult to our Election System | |10-28-2012 22:59:19
Mr. Erb takes up space and time at the
candidate forums. He appears to need
someone to listen to him. Maybe if he
made sense, acted professional, and ran a real campaign, we might take him seriously. Religion isn't the topic, and this
isn't Mr. Erb's pulpit.

Since Mr. Erb doesn't want to waste his money to reach the voters, why doesn't
he spend his time at the homeless shelters and soup kitchens. If that is really what tugs at his heartstrings.
Wally Erb  - Trolls | |10-29-2012 08:22:56
My dear anonymous. Are you without honor that you must not identify yourself? How can anyone take seriously someone who won't identify themselves? I am the only one in the race that isn't a developer or has developer interests. I am totally debt free, I pay, and have paid, my taxes on time. I am the only veteran. Who are you to criticize anyone who desires to run for office if they meet the criteria. No, I am not using ANYONE else's money other than my own. You are in for a severe disappointment if you sincerely believe the negativity in the Mayor's campaign will prevail. Go back into the darkness of your cave.