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Open letter to Rosemary Wilson,

I hear that Rosemary Wilson is saying Kenny Golden isn't qualified to represent our City. He is highly qualified, and does understand how to handle a large Budget, and how to manage a large City Government.

If Ms. Wilson cares about what is said or not said at Candidate Forums, then why doesn't she attend them?  Is she afraid, or just unable to go head to head on the real issues that concern Virginia Beach residents?  

Did Ms. Wilson care that our Police, Firefighters and Teachers, are shorthanded, when she approved the $20 Million  parking garage subsidy, for a Private Developer at Town Center?

When Rosemary is voted out of office on November 6th, maybe she can put her "Baby"(Glenn Davis) into the Virginia Beach Foster Care System.

Ms.Wilson obviously thinks Jim Spore, Robert Morin, Cheryl Williams and Tamara Scurry, are doing an excellent job at the Human Services Department in Virginia Beach.

Barbara  M. -  Virginia Beach

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