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[Editor's Note:  Councilwoman Rosemary Wilson, sounding emotionally upset over letters to the editor about her absence from candidate forums,  called VNS Wednesday morning to confirm that her husband, Tom,  is facing a life-threatening illess - that is usually fatal 5-8 months after diagnosis.
[She said the couple was in New York seeking medical advice/treatment as the reason she has been absent from candidate forums and council meetings.  We wish Tom the best and fatal illnesses have no role in the rough and tumble of beach politics from any side].
Am I the only one that thinks Will Sessoms and Rosemary Wilson, might be lying about the severity of their spouses health concerns?
It is very convenient for Sessoms to miss 3 Mayoral Candidate forums, but he can attend other events.
He was at Council for 15 minutes to give a plaque to someone who has done free work for the City, for 28 years. (parade coordinator).
Then he disappears, without saying a word, and without the clerk mentioning him leaving.
No one explained why Ms. Wilson was absent.
I didn't appreciate John Moss, taking up for Rosemary, after my comments. If I would have known her reason, I might have stated things a little differently.
When Sessoms & Wilson are NO shows, they can't lie on the record at forums, and they don't have to Vote against the taxpayers, when they are running forre-election.
One Councilman, referred to Louis Jones, as The Mayor. Must have been a freudian slip.
I don't like being treated like I am invading their private corporate meetings.
They have total contempt for "us'.
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