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No one can have more empathy for a cancer victim than another cancer victim.  Thankfully, I’m a cancer survivor.  Getting the diagnosis that Councilwomascowling_rosemaryn Rosemary Wilson says her husband has gotten is like getting the death sentence from a court with little or no chance of appeal.  I feel deeply for her and her family and understand the sorrow they face in their impending loss.  

If she intends to put politics over family health issues, she cannot use that as an excuse to shirk her responsibilities to make public campaign appearances.  Sending in incompetent political wannabe surrogates doesn't cut it.

In doing this she is showing the ultimate disrespect for her constituents, her fellow members of council, and the challengers, who deserve to call her, not a little unaccountable surrogate, to task for her record.

I saw the article about her contacting VNS regarding the harsh treatment from some letters to the editor.  And while her feelings can be understood, her brash disregard of her duties to the public during the most crucial political campaign of her political career cannot be used as an excuse.  There should be no sympathy vote substituted for real debate by her of her record and city issues.

If she plans to stay the course, she has no right to complain about any attacks on her and her record or for using the illness to dodge campaign appearances.  Were this the situation with my husband, I would be out of politics in a heartbeat.

And I call on her to take this step if the diagnosis and disease is real.  She would have the empathy and support of a loving public.

To do otherwise exposes the callousness and shallowness of her emotional state to ignore and disregard the rights of the citizens and other political candidates.  Right or wrong, it looks like phony excuses to dodge being held accountable for her record.

If she fails to drop out of the race, she deserves any political hits she gets and they will be self-inflicted upon herself, not by others.


Brenda Martinson
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