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How many of you, have attended forums, and seen Wally Erb, either fall asleep, or when it's his turn to babble, he holds up a flimsy piece of paper with his name on it?  

He badmouths RK, for exposing facts about Mayor Sessom's conflicts of
interests. He says that he does not believe in wasting money on signs, flyers and marketing, and that he doesn't use the web.

I've seen Wally wearing color stickers on his jacket.  He is adding more, newer YouTube Videos, to the internet.

Wally attends Fundraisers for Rosemary Wilson, and he obviously is helping to split votes in the Mayoral race. He wears an Obama-Biden pin, but supports Sessoms, Wilson, Davis, and others who are die hard Republicans.

I dislike  the stupid Party System, and many of the goofballs, who can be "talked" into spliting votes "for a song".

Yes, I care about the disaster in NY, and NJ, but what do you think Sessoms & Co, are building in Virginia Beach?  High density projects, gambling casinos, basketball areas, etc. All of those projects will continue to  destroy our beaches,  pollute our waterways, destroy our marshlands, and create more crime and traffic gridlock.

And further overcrowd our Schools, hospitals, and already congested roadways.

I'm copying to the Pilot, as a Courtesy. They obviously love to take money from the Big Spending candidates at Election time, and our City Council, who keep subsidizing their publication. We do still have the USPS, and the internet. I wish Jon Glass was still around. He exposed so much, in 1999-2000.

Barbara M.

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Wally Erb  - Guess this is an RK supporter hit piece | |10-30-2012 11:54:22
I market the campaign via the my website wallyformayor.com and facebook, google, twitter. I am using my own funds and not accepting contributions. No, I don't believe any rationale person voted for a sign, especially one that looks like an advertisement for a car dealership. Rosemarie Wilson is a friend of mine, so is Kenny Golden; I went to both their fund raisers. The stickers on my jacket were homemade using label material and a color laser printer. I am not a Rino because I am a Libertarian. Who I support in the national election is my business. The only votes I will cast in the local election is a NO, Wally Erb, Don Weeks, Steve Johnson, and none of the above (write-in).