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Why I'm voting for RK for Mayor, and the Conservative Coalition Candidates on Tuesday.

I am sick of over 25 years of insider trading and conflicts of interest, by elected officials.

No elected official, should ever be able to vote for a project that will financially benefit their own personal wealth.

I am sick of our elected officials, like the City Treasurer and the City Commonwealth Attorney, failing to look out for the best interests of the taxpayers.

I am totally disgusted, that City Manager Jim Spore, has not fired Heather Boone, after the "hit & run" death of a man sitting in a beach car on our public beaches.

City Manager Jim Spore, has refused to fire anyone directly
responsible at Human Resources or Child Protective Services, after the brutal murder of Baby Braxton.

I am totally disgusted that Mayor Will Sessoms, Councilwoman Rosemary Wilson, and Councilman Glenn Davis, refused to
follow the lead of Moss & DeSteph, to fire Human Services Director Robert Morin.

"We the people" don't need Light Rail studies, a Conference Center Hotel, or a Council, that refuses to Listen to the Will of the People.

Barbara Messner
Virginia Beach

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