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re: Wheeling and dealing, under the deck, behind our backs, and  with "our" Governor (on deal for NBA arena and franchise).

What part of the Governor's job description, involves working for/with, the Economic Development Authority? Will McDonnell be traveling to the Mustang Bunny Ranch next?

I remember from the lease of the land under the Hilton, that the long term lease given to Ruffin & Thompson, was illegal. (according to the City Charter)  Ruffin & Thompson, failed to meet their deadlines for financing, but that was ignored by Ms. Oberndorf & Council.

I've pleaded with everyone who would listen, since 2000, to have a petition recall, to remove anyone from office, who allowed a project to go over 20% of the projected cost. The local elections are so obviously rigged. Who on this planet, believes that Sessoms & Wilson received votes over 100 thousand? With up to 44% of voters, casting ballots in our local Elections(2000), 34,000 was the most votes casts, and that was for the Park at 31st Street. Whoever "buys" the 100K + totals, they can start buying stock in the Sacramento Kings.

How can we possibly have a recall now?

If the Police and Firefighters, know that the money is drying up in Va Beach, why can't Bill DeSteph and John Moss, fly out to visit with Comcast & the Kings, to give them a better understanding of the potential here in Va. Beach?

Sessoms wants the Kings, to keep his minority Voter Block. He wants to sit on his throne for decades to come.(and for decades of dollars)

Barb Messner
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