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Tuesday, with the high expectation of a Romney win, I suggested that the liberals did not see it coming. With the outcome, I am sorry that I did not see it coming, had little idea it was this bad, and I grieve for our country. I sense it like the end of a second Civil War: the union is devastated, a new flag is flying (without the shining stars of states and their citizens), and slavery has been revived – this time for all Americans under the government takeover of our own health.

Then I realized that the vote was indeed because so many Americans do not see what is coming.
The administration now sees this as Carte Blanche for the next four years, and Obama is even more unaccountable and "flexible" as he promised the Russian President. In hindsight, I believe four things contributed most to the results and likely in this order:

1. The mainstream media succeeded in saving Obama not by what they said, but by what they didn't. Despite the newer media resources of technology, liberal journalism has proven the ultimate weapon – fully transformed from its original obligation as an informational "free press" to a manipulative political tool. Though former Democrat analyst Pat Caddell spoke of this just days ago ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brDZJA8j-8c&feature=player_embedded#! )...

Americans do not see what is coming.

2. Hurricane Sandy provided an unexpected opportunity for Obama to save face and divert attention, but the surprising element was Gov. Christie of New Jersey overtly praising President Obama to the nation and indicating he didn't "give a damn" about the presidential election. Christie will now have four years and more to regret his words because when it comes to Sandy and Obama...

He did not see what was coming.

3. The Romney campaign played it safe after the dynamic first debate win, and neglected to highlight other major issues. Unfortunately, the Obama campaign has successfully run out the clock on Benghazi and his deadly failures as an election issue. Though the depth of the foreign policy scandal and decisions will continue to break in the coming weeks due to the courageous reporting of Catherine Herridge, Jennifer Griffin, and others...

Americans do not see what is coming.

4. Obama made abortion rights a last ditch issue, framing the War On Women and protecting a woman's right to killing a separate human body as a choice regarding "her own body". In my mind, the horror of over 1 million convenience abortion deaths per year are a dominating issue over economy and debt. Immorality and injustice will determine our fate more than any other, and we now discover that Section 1303 of Obamacare mandates that every American must contribute a surcharge of one dollar per year for abortion services. Despite the fact that the majority of Americans say abortion-on-demand should not be legal, view late term abortions (which Obama supports) as barbaric murder, will be overcome by even more of Obamacare's known (and unknown) afflictions, and along with the professed Christians who voted for him...

They do not see what is coming.

Now we see what is coming, and we seek to continue the fight for us and our generations. We will not have the luxury of a leader who is truly looking out for our welfare, so it becomes a conspicuous incentive for unity of purpose and divine guidance. Be faithful and vigilant in that understanding, and we will know our place in that effort.

Ira White - Portsmouth VA
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John P. Kuchta, Jr.  - Truth Detective | |11-09-2012 09:03:04
Why did Romney not take Obama to the woodshed over Benghazi in the third debate? Romney was getting top secret briefings in anticipation that he might become President. Did he hear something that made him shudder? Could revealing the major points of the briefing have pointed to a full scale revolt in the country if Romney came clean?

Or, was Romney relying on a corrupt MSM to reveal a treasonous Obama? If Romney was betting on CBS to reveal the critical segment of "60 minutes," Romney miscalculated and he lost.