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In 1980,  Democrat President Carter was voted out of office because of a dismal economy, 7.5% unemployment, a 100% increase in gas prices, and a failed Mid-East policy that couldn't free American hostages in Iran.

In 2012, Democrat President Barack Obama was voted into a second term despite a dismal economy, 7.9% unemployment, a 100% increase in gas prices, and a failed Mid-East policy that claimed the lives of four Americans in Libya.

Be advised that in the coming months, information will continue to reveal that:

1. The American economy and unemployment is getting worse due to Obama policies and Obamacare. Jobless claims went from 363,000 a week before the election to 439,000 a week after, and all economic numbers including falling incomes, upcoming tax hikes, and healthcare costs predict another recession or depression in 2013.

2. Obama's bailout did not "save" the auto industry, but the blatant lie secured his re-election.

The auto manufacturers are still on the verge of bankruptcy, tens of thousands of jobs went overseas to China and Europe, and GM China manufacturing has increased by 55%.

A structured bankruptcy with federal guarantees would have corrected financial problems, but the bailout only negated union concessions and purchased the power and propaganda of union bosses for an Obama 2012 win in crucial northern states.    

3. Gas supply and prices will only get worse because Obama has no workable policy of energy-independence, will not allow needed drilling in government-controlled areas, denies implementation of the Keystone pipeline, and his inept foreign policy will continue to encourage Mid-East unrest and a crippling upset of oil supplies.

Drilling restrictions also mean millions of jobs unrealized for oil and natural gas production, and manufacturing of related equipment and drilling rigs.  

4. President Obama flatly denied extra security for Americans in Libya to avoid an appearance of pre-election problems in the region despite previous intelligence reports of increased terrorist activity, numerous attacks in Benghazi, and dire requests by security personnel and Ambassador Stevens himself.

With the murder of Americans and real-time information of a coordinated strategic attack, Obama then tried to coverup the cause to save his re-election, directing Clinton, (UN Ambassador)Rice, and even CIA director Petreaus to blame it on a controversial video.

Obama revealed as much with tauntingly veiled press statements saying that critics should "go after me", of it being "my responsibility", and of Rice speaking "at the request of the White House".

So, with all we knew and know, was this striking electoral discrepancy a case of affirmative action, or was most of the population stunningly smarter in 1980 than in 2012?

We better pray that our collective IQ drastically increases in the next four years – for our current survival and future well being.

Ira White - Portsmouth VA
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John P. Kuchta, Jr.  - Truth Detective | |11-17-2012 10:07:47
Hi Ira,

All great points; but, I believe that the most obvious and potentially lethal Obama betrayal will be orchestrated with none other than the ex-KGB agent Vladimir Putin. For a guy who betrayed four Americans in the desert in Libya, what would be the ultimate treason? How about turning over 310 million Americans to Russia?

Why do you think that the feds bought 1.3 billion rounds of ammo this year? Why have they bought 450 million MRE's? Is this the plan Obama was referencing when caught 'off-mic?" If you allowed America's defense system to be short-circuited long enough for Russian subs to launch a full scale EMP attack on the mainland US, a combo US/Russian army with enough food and ammo could takeover without too much problem.

Putin names Obama as warlord over the Americas and Obama smiles and counts his many slaves. " That will teach you imperialists," he says!

Ira White | |11-19-2012 07:50:42
Obama plays to many foreign leaders, but the end game is not so much about Russia as Islamic unification and conflict. That is what we will see ramping up to fever pitch in the next four years.