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To the Editor:

ObamaCare not only dictates our physical health care but our mental health as well.

In “ Improvements and Outcomes for individual families” it mandates "Wellness and Prevention programs.”

Consider the implications. If you don’t meet their qualifications which includes home visits to determine Prenatal and Newborn Health - Child Health and Development - Child Cognitive, Social and Physical Development - Parenting Skills - School Readiness and Child Academic Achievement. If you don’t meet their criteria, they might require you to send your children to government schools rather than private or home schooling. In the extreme, it could mean taking your children away from you.

Also Reduction in Crime and Reduction in Domestic Violence, which could lead to your inability to own a gun.

Improvement in Family Economic Self-sufficiency dictating how you spend your money and where or how you live.

Stress in the Family and on the Job. Your mental stability could be questioned, the solution being required counseling - that is brainwashing - or even institutionalizing.

The solution, state annulment, is based on the Tenth Amendment. It’s not a new provision, but one, which has been utilized more in recent times, as the federal government is way over-reaching in its laws and executive orders.

Although not reported by the news media, some voters were given the opportunity in the last election to put the brakes on ObamaCare.

In Montana it was a referendum “prohibiting the state or federal government from mandating the purchase of health insurance.” It also prohibits the imposition of “penalties for decisions related to the purchase of health insurance coverage.” The measure passed 65%-34%

In Alabama a legislatively referred amendment frees Alabama citizens from any requirement to participate in ObamaCare, or any other compulsory health care program. . It passed 59%-41%

And the Wyoming Constitution now guarantees citizens of the state the right to make their own healthcare decisions with minimal governmental interference. It passed by 76%-24%

We can and should utilize state annulment in Virginia of ObamaCare in its entirety, which would make Virginians exempt from all the provisions of ObamaCare.

Sue Long - North, VA
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