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Democrats have sold the stupid half of America on the notion that the rich are to blame for all their troubles, as Hitler did the German people, that it was the Jews fault Germany had lost WWI and their Reichsmark had become worthless. Republicans say they believe in private property and the free market---that it is good to become rich because then jobs are created. But the “religion” of America has evidently become Marxism that trounces on being rich or owning property. Rather than the Medieval rack to keep unbelievers in line, all democrat liberals have to do is shout accusations that republicans hate ordinary folks, the sick, the elderly, children --- and republican Quisling cowards fall into line.

I am tired of predicting the demise of the Republican Party---and the nation. Given the likes of Bonehead as Squeaker of the House, and foolish rank and file House members who will likely stay in line, keeping him and Cantor as Majority Leader it does look more and more obvious.

Stupid Americans will soon have their dream come true—the destruction of American wealth and, along with it, their own jobs, or being fed from the public trough. Then we will see what all Americans are made of. Liberty must not die, regardless of the cost!

Mike Smith - Chase City
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John P. Kuchta, Jr.  - Truth Detective | |12-12-2012 07:02:15
Most of each side of the political class has been corrupted by foreign (Saudi) oil money.

Don't take my word for it. Go to www.muslimbrotherhoodinamerica.com, Segment Six, and see what Frank Gaffney has to say about our little gang of Republicratic gentlemen / politicians.

Better yet, why not attend the Tea Party meeting this weekend and ask Cuccinelli why he's spotlighted in Segment Six? It seems like Gaffney's assertions are either true or Cuccinelli would be suing Gaffney's butt off, don't you think?