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I think it is wrong to raise taxes because government must learn to live within its means as families must.  But in an election year there will be political consequences.  If the Democrats had been in charge and proposed these increases, I believe the Republicans would be complaining.  But now that the Republicans are in the majority they cannot place the blame on others.  Even if the Democrats do not use the tax increases in "hit pieces," it will be difficult to motivate the conservative grass roots volunteers to hit the pavement for candidates who voted for tax increases especially when they did not allow a vote on measures that would have used existing revenue to improve transportation.

I am also very concerned that the Republicans have been putting their stamp of approval on Obamacare by approving state exchanges and expanding Medicaid, leaving little to distinquish the parties on Obamacare and again causing mistrust among the conservative base.

I have been involved politically since I was 13, helping my parents work for conservative pro-life candidates in New York.  I'm not a political expert but neither am I a neophyte.  If there is anything you can do to dissuade our Party leaders from going ahead with these tax hikes, I hope you will act for the good of the party and the good of the Commonwealth.  I look forward to hearing from you!


Cathy Marshall
(Delegate Bob Marshall's wife)

P.S. Nor will this General Assembly have passed any significant legislation protecting the right to life and the right to defend one's life!  This too is extremely disconcerting given that these are First Principles that our Founding Founders recognized!
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