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45-CaliberIt was bad form last week not to attribute the following quote, or variation of it, to Alex Jones, of www.infowars.com,  in his interview with Piers Morgan:

“Stalin took the guns. Mao took the guns. Hitler took the guns. Now Obama wants the guns.”

Here’s another great quote, or variation of it, from Ann Coulter:

Gun “registration = confiscation = extermination.”


Catherine Crabill
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John P. Kuchta, Jr.  - Truth Detective | |02-12-2013 19:18:39
From the sound of your letter, I hope that you're already a member of "Oathkeepers."

You don't have to have been a policeman, service member or government agent to join. The only membership requirement is that you love this country and don't want to see her destroyed.

Know who your friends are, join "Oathkeepers!" Local, state and federal government can't or won't help you.

"Remember Benghazi and ALL the Traitors!"