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What bothers me is that clearly there are so many people across the country that are not only in disagreement but down right upset about this and their uncertain future. This administration has shown great insensitivity for these concerns and dissatisfaction.

Many points were brought up on both sides, good points. The special guests of the Senator's gave their input and their supporting opinions on the bill with good intentions. However when one of them started making a big political speech downing the previous administration, many people got upset including me.

That's not what we were there for.They didn't allow us to bring in our signs voicing our opinions, but then there were "stickers" being handed out to those who supported the bill. (Double standard again?)

I felt like licking my sign and putting it on my chest.:) The Senator admitted he just read the bill last week...??? When asked where all the money was to come from to support this huge overhaul, the answer was not clear except that there was a lot of waste in Medicaid.

The seniors had something to say about that.." am I the waste?!" The Senator mentioned for those who had insurance, their premiums are going up and will continue to go up. So not only is our insurance going to sky rocket but we will be taxed to death to support this bill as well. The more people who drop their private insurance to take the public (government) option, the higher the premiums will go. Then people will have no choice but to take the public-government option.

As I sat there hearing and watching everyone, I was saddened to see Americans get so angry at each other. One side is thinking the other as cold hearted people who don't care about those who can't afford medical care, and the other side is thinking the bill will hurt everyone especially those who have insurance and have worked too hard in their life to give up what they have earned.

I think we all want the same ending result... WE all want people who are sick or in pain to be able to get medical help But medical services are not free. It is a service like other services and products, it has a price. Medical treatment is not a privilege or a right, but access to it is a right. There is and should be more options for people to choose from to have that access. More competition in the medical system and the insurance companies would help a lot, less frivolous lawsuits for millions (where the lawyer get 50% or more and the government gets 20% or more) would help.

We all want the same result, we just don't agree on how to get there.

I think we need the Medical community to work with the public more, there could changes in the way they do things and their budgets to cut costs for better affordability.

I have a sister who does not have insurance, can't afford it. She has already told me that when she gets seriously ill she will not even bother going to the doctors. She's knows they won't treat her and she doesn't want to bankrupt her family for life. Every time I walk into a beautiful, multi-million or billion dollar hospital building or facility, I get very angry because I think about my sister. We don't need billion dollar buildings, we need quality and affordable health care.

I'm a conservative and believe success in this country happened by God, free enterprise, capitalism, charity and compassion of American people.

But when billionaires (some doctors and VIPs , insurance companies, lawyers, and drug companies) are being created based on the people's health, treatment for the sick, and life and death situations... that bothers me. We need change but not a socialized medical system.

We don't need to change the whole system, we need to make small changes across the board..starting with lawsuit reform, lower insurance for doctors and patients, more competition in the medical system and the insurance companies, expose bad doctors and give incentives the good ones, common sense and fair budgeting in both for lower medical costs , everyone should pay for their own medical care (affordable care) and it should not be put on the rest of us to pay for unpaid care through our medical costs.

Lawyers should NOT get 50% of a victims settlement!! Our government officials should be getting back to the drawing table, BOTH sides, and come up with something different and a new bill that the all American people can live with.

The last question that was asked was "Senator, you know that the Republicans won't change their mind, so will this administration and you push this bill through anyway?" and the Senator smiled a big smile as he said "Yes we will".

With loud cheers and boos, I threw up my arms and thought, then why are we even here. I looked at my son and said "so much for democracy!" Senator, you work for all of us.

Nina - Port Republic MD

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Ben Modica  - Get Real | |09-15-2009 18:54:55
Senator Hoyer, you must be kidding sanctioning Cong. Wilson...WHERE WERE YOU WHEN THE DEMOCRATS "BOOED" PRESIDENT BUSH...(Hello is any one home) You are disgracful...Cong. Wilson apoligized to Obama and he accepted it...so get a life and trying working for a living...