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The premise was that this would create a utopia where everyone would be at peace and poverty would be eliminated. A world devastated by war was anxious to accept any plan that assured peace.

But, there has been no peace in the years that followed, because many thousands of Americans have died in undeclared wars.

But, the move toward a one-world government has continued. Not only has it continued but also it has accelerated in the last 15 years. United Nations policies are now in every state, every county and in every home in America. You may think that is impossible.

Do your own research on Agenda 21 (Sustainable Development) UNESCO and Common Core Education (not in Virginia but in 45 of the 50 states.)
In summary, much of which you see taking place today is the culmination of a 100-year plan to fundamentally change America. It is a plan that says that life can be lived in peace and brotherhood only if property were shared by all and distributed equally, eliminating the source for greed, envy, poverty and strife.

This idea is called “Socialism” and is in direct opposition to our constitution. It is intended to supplant religion with a doctrine grounded on science than revelation.

Please start paying attention during these critical times before it is too late. Remember it’s your future.

Joyce Webb
Gloucester, VA 23061

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John P. Kuchta, Jr.  - Truth Detective | |06-18-2013 06:39:14
Hey Joyce,

Great letter that expresses the sentiments of many of us.

How about joining us in DC tomorrow, Wednesday, 19 June, at noon on the Capital Steps?

On Glenn Beck's show last night, he announced that he was speaking at the press conference sponsored by the gang of 70 Republicans speaking against the immigration bill. He's the only guy with enough moxy to call for a gathering.

All you patriots drive on up!