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Our federal Constitution has clearly defined authorized activities that are enumerated. And, the first nine amendments state specifically what the government can NOT do while the tenth amendment states that if something isn’t specifically mentioned, government can’t do that either.
Most of the power of the government is given to Congress.which has the sole authority to make laws - not the president by way of executive orders - or judges by way of judgments.
Mainly the enumerated list of what Congress is authorized to do are: Pay debts, Sign treaties, Borrow money, Regulate commerce With foreign nations by collecting tariffs and between the states by allowing it without heavy tariffs, Establish rules of naturalization and bankruptcies, Punish counterfeiters, Establish post office and post roads, Establish patents, Establish courts below the Supreme Court, Declare war, and Establish a military and provide for our defense.
Nowhere does the Constitution authorize involvement in education, housing, health care, agriculture or foreign aid, sending troops into battle without a declaration of war by Congress and on and on.
Our legislators take an oath to uphold the Constitution. If we would require them to do so, the federal government would be about 20 percent the size that it is now: We would have a balanced budget and money to pay off our debt. And America would again be the land of the free.
We don’t need to change the Constitution - we just need to abide by the one we have.
Sue Long - North, VA

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