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Alarmed by the multibillion dollar spy grid known as PRISM, I contacted  Wittman’s Congressional office to express my outrage at yet ANOTHER criminal attack by this administration against the American People. Wittman’s representative demurred that if I had nothing to hide what did I care about being spied on? Shockingly, this seems to express the majority sentiment about this insidious, unconstitutional, utterly nefarious ALL-SEEING-BEAST.
For those of you who share in that uninformed opinion it should concern you to contemplate that, without doubt, this massive surveillance monster has exposed, to those behind the curtain, a multitude of embarrassing, immoral, and/or criminal activities by those in our Congress, our Senate, our Supreme Court, our Department of Justice, CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, the Press, etc, placing the entire Constitutional balance of power in a grid-lock of blackmail fueled silence when confronted with an avalanche of criminal activities perpetrated by this administration.
Were we not as a nation stupefied by the decision of Justice Roberts to validate Obamacare as Constitutional? Have we not just been equally stunned by Justice Kennedy’s decision to legalize homosexual, polygamous, you-name-it marriage, unleashing a flood of immorality?
Am I alone in being alarmed and perplexed by the unmitigated, unconstitutional over-reach of power by this president who is arming radical Muslims throughout the Middle East, fomenting a horrific carnage of innocent civilians, including and especially Christians, expanding Bush’s disastrous foreign policy?
Numerous whistleblowers and journalists have been ‘suicided’ or have died in mysterious circumstances. The latest was Michael Hastings who told friends he had an explosive story about the CIA but was going “under-ground” because he feared for his life. Now he is dead.
If this wickedness is not stopped, if we refuse to speak out, we will be destroyed.
“Silence in the face of evil is evil itself.”  Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Catherine Crabill - Irvington, VA

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