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TV3's coverage of the 1st black chef at the Cavalier Hotel, just adds fuel to the fire of racism.

Blacks are not the only ones to be treated unfairly in Virginia or elsewhere.

What about all the cooks in every other restaurant and home in the 40s and 50s?  Why aren't the Japanese, Indians and Jews, give the same coverage (by the Pilot and TV3)?

I'm writing because the reporter stated that the city is helping there developer save the hotel.

Will it save the arms, legs, and head, or just the belly of the hotel?  The grounds and the setting help creat the spectacular view.

Would the castles in England look the same if they weren't surrounded by rolling green lawns?  

This same developer discriminated against the owners of Beach Scene and Neptune's Corner.  He refused to allow them to rent space, one he 'won' the bid to manage the retail spaces in the city-subsidized parking garage and retail space (across from the city-subsidized 31st Street Hilton Hotel).

First, eminent domain abuse,using tax dollars, then discrimination, based on the Good Ole Boy Financial 'insider trading' network.


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