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Your exhortation to shout down the civil conversation that occurred last evening is typical of VBTA tactics.

Problem is, since most citizens support an alternative method of transportation, those from the VBTA who "shout down" others simply signal the death wish of the organization.

Fact is, it is clear that light rail is very popular and it will represent an important element in the city's transportation strategy.

Groups are like stars; they often burn brightest just as they dissolve.

The VBTA transportation chairman has incensed so many citizens that further demonstrations of uncivil behavior will simply hasten the end.

Frankly, I hope that occurs as soon as possible.


Michael J. Barrett - Virginia Beach

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Wally Erb  - Please elaborate | |09-10-2009 08:46:22
What shout down? Nothing seems to have been reported in the VP. What demonstration of civil behavior?? Are you making this up? Again?
Mark Kover  - What IS a done deal | |09-10-2009 11:34:52
What is a done deal are the purchases of the Norfolk Southern right of way and the former Circuit City site.

Let's face it: our traffic problems aren't going to get any better by sticking our heads in the sand and doing nothing. 264 is in terrible shape and it only gets worse. There are choke points that clog up with traffic every day, the main one being at Newtown Road. The cost for gasoline or diesel are going to go up, making operating POVs even more expensive. Alternatives need to be found. Light rail going from Newtown to Birdneck is a start. Later, lines can be added going elsewhere. We just cannot sit by and do nothing and expect things to get better.
Mike Barrett  - Origins of the shout down | |09-10-2009 14:27:04
Wally, you need to read your own publication. I was just quoting your good friend, the Editor, as follows..."Maybe locals should adopt some of the "Town Hall Meeting" strategies and just shout the arrogant "public servants" down."

Of course, given the reaction today to Wilson's gaffe, maybe Mo will want to change his advice. MJB sends!
wally  - Confused? | |09-10-2009 23:56:04
Oh, I thought you were addressing an actual occurrence. You mentioned VBTA when you were addressing VNS. Right? Sometimes your communications are confusing by attributing th same remarks interchangeably.
Reid Greenmun  - VBTA Vice Chair | |09-11-2009 16:42:42
Of course Mr. Rowe didn't mention the VBTA, he mentioned "locals".

Despite Mr. Barrett's efforts to construct another myth, the VBTA is not known for shouting down anyone. This assertion by Mr. Barrett is simply another false statement being spread by Mr. Barrett.

What is not a fasle statement is Mr. Barrett's rude and disrespectful comments towards other cities and other city councils as demonstrated by his remarks published in today's Virginian-Pilot where Mr. Barrett writes the following as he speaks as a official representative of the citizens of Virginia Beach:

"Sp Portsmouth's claim now is a bit like a child who, having murdered his parents, begs for relief because he is a orphan."

... and Mr. Barrett has the nerve to attack others regarding civil discourse?

Rachael West  - What is Mike Barret talking about??? | |09-11-2009 23:04:12
I was at the light rail meeting at the Convention Center Wednesday night and I did not witness and “...exhortation to shout down the civil conversation”. From anyone, in fact not one word was spoken by anyone in the crowd. In addition the fact is NOT clear at that light rail is popular or even wanted in Virginia Beach. Moreover, certainly most citizens DO NOT support an alternative method of transportation; they do not want the increased taxes or crime, both, which are inevitable.

The truth is there was no “shout down”, where this even came from is unknown; it is a bold face lie.