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My friend, you don't understand the nature of the conflict we're in.

I don't give a fat rat's ass if something said against Obama, the federal government, the Muslim Brotherhood or other turns out to be false.  I'll spread it far and wide if it is inflammatory and entertaining.  This is like hiding behind trees and sniping at British soldiers in their red uniforms.  You remember the photos in our sixth grade history books.

We're in the same situation now:  A rag tag army of conservative cyber warriors facing a superior foe of organized and well-funded establishment types who have gone way off the track and voided the Constitution.

Obama's a homo?  Yeah, I'll roll with that.  Michelle's family buried a homeless, white man in their back yard years ago on Christmas Eve.  True, very true.  Harry Reid dresses in full Catholic girls' school uniforms on the weekends, including the saddle oxfords.  I have the photos.

You see, it's not difficult.  Here's a old ditty that a buddy of mine had on his office wall:

"If one is to play a game , any game, effectively, one must play by the rules as formulated by the player with the lowest morals and least moral scruples!"

"Scopes?  We don't need no stinkin' Scopes!"

John P. Kuchta Jr.

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