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It is NO accident, that "select" businesses are folding left and right at the Resort Oceanfront (the ones, that aren't under the Gold Key Umbrella) It seems odd that the violence at the Oceanfront, only happens when the City is looking for excuses to shut down public access and public parking at the Oceanfront Resort.

Mike Mather (TV 3) just reported that the Hotel owners, are lobbying the City, to Restrict Access to the Parking lots after 11pm.

If Gold Key owns 70% of the Oceanfront, then it seems obvious, who is requesting this special favor.

First the City closes the exits to the Oceanfront on July 4th, and now they want to
Restrict local residents, but NOT to Hotel and Timeshare customers; and employees of
those Hotel/Timeshares.

The City lures locals to the Beach, then tells them to leave. Towing is now $145.00 per tow. Will our cars be towed while we shop at Harris Teeter or Farm Fresh, or a 24 hour Pharmacy?


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