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What is Bob McDonnell's H1N1 vaccine program?
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“The government is not complying with the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, passed in 1986, requiring government entities to give all parents a WRITTEN statement describing benefits and risks of vaccination,” the VTA pointed out.

“Alarmingly, the Centers for Disease Control in January withdrew congressionally-mandated research on links between vaccination and autism, on grounds of ‘conflict of interest’ because of ongoing court cases.

“A new study headed up by Dr. Laura Hewitson of the University of Pittsburgh shows a direct link between standard childhood vaccination series, MMR, and autism-like symptoms in monkeys.  Findings of this study have been presented at the International Meeting for Autism Research, and also at scientific conferences in both London and Seattle.

“The Food and Drug Administration has not authorized use of adjuvants in vaccines, unlike Europe, where adjuvants may be used to heighten dose effectiveness or extend availability of supplies, if considered inadequate.  The most frequently mentioned adjuvant is squalene, a toxic substance.  Many regular H1N1 vaccines contain thimerosal, a form of mercury, which is also highly toxic,” the VTA said.

“Even without all this information, widespread skepticism about advisability of taking flu shots was expressed Aug. 25 on Charlottesville’s popular Radio WINA Schilling Show, when White was invited guest.

“In the United Kingdom, 30 percent of nurses have said they will refuse to take the genetically engineered H1N1 flu vaccine, according to a study in the respected Nursing Magazine.  A large number of doctors in the United States also have indicated negative attitudes toward the vaccine.  It is further widely recognized that a virus combining swine, bird and human flu had to be man made, created in a laboratory/laboratories under government control.

“American Forces Press Service has reported vaccination in the military will be mandatory.  After this announcement, without comment, was posted on Alex Jones’ web page, heavy responses from military individuals saying they would refuse to take H1N1 vaccine indicate that thousands, at least, are willing to risk confinement or discharge from the service by objecting,” the VTA concluded.

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George Kelly | |09-17-2009 10:24:13
I am very pleased that VNS posts the Virginia Tax Payers Association letters to the Editor. VTA president Ken White expends many hours of extensive research seeking factual, accurate information for the citizens of Virginia. Your posting of his Letters to Editor is a vital step in promulgating this important information. Thank you. Sincerely, George Kelly
Joe Kee  - patriot | |09-18-2009 20:41:26
George Kelley is correct. The information offered by Mr. Ken White, of the Virginia Taxpayers Association, has consistently been accurate because of his dedication to extensive and through research.
Mr. White points out the danger of a government declaration of a "national emergency" as an excuse for internment of patriots. This is also my biggest fear.
Am I a "conspiracy theorist"? No, I am a realist and support the constitution.
Keep in mind that the efforts of those who plan in secret for an evil cause can be nullified by EXPOSURE. Each of us has an obligation to do more of it!
Joe Kee