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What is Bob McDonnell's H1N1 vaccine program?
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Regarding the global financial crisis, the VTA said, “Our past reports have been proven correct by the UN’s recent  declaration that it will be ‘necessary’ to  abandon the dollar as a reserve currency.  This is in line with the elitist Bilderberg Group’s years-long propaganda for a one-world currency.  This would facilitate their carbon tax, which could be brought into being without any vote by the U. S. Congress.  The tax then would finance a very large UN army that could be used to halt any riots inside the U. S. and detain possibly millions of resisting Americans in concentration camps.

“Gerald Celente, the noted forecaster, stated Sept. 11 that the current upward bump in the  stock  market  is  a  cover-up.  He said a commercial real estate collapse in a month or two will dwarf the sub-prime downturn.  He also said ‘the college crash will be a big one,’ where hundreds of colleges paying professors high salaries to teach courses that are largely fluff from an economic point of view will be wiped out.

“He added: ‘Jobs are not coming back, making this depression greater than any before.’  Even the Chinese, he said, who are using their billions to buy up hundreds of individual U. S. properties, hotels and resorts, ‘don’t have it down --- their stimulus program is the only thing keeping them afloat’.”

The VTA added that  “the Chinese have said they will not honor fraudulent derivatives contracts sold to them by Goldman Sachs and J. P. Morgan.  They have had discussions with the pro-gold group, GATA, and have been buying gold.”

In another action, the VTA said:  “A new watershed of awareness that the 9/11 Commission Report is fraudulent was crossed this past weekend, when millions of viewers all over the world saw the new video written and created by top popular actor Charley Sheen, ‘20 Minutes With the President.’ (PrisonPlanet.com)

“While the interview is fictional, Sheen has announced he would like to meet with the President, to present 20 solidly-researched questions never answered by the Commission Report.  A few of these include: Why is Osama bin Laden not on the FBI’s most wanted list?   Why did no planes protect the Pentagon, presumably the best guarded site in the U. S.?  Why did WTC Building 7, not hit by any plane, collapse in the afternoon of 9/11 faster than gravity in a perfect demolition pattern, with repeated explosions captured on TV tapes?

“Sheen has challenged Rush Limbaugh, National Geographic Magazine and others who have ridiculed him to a public debate on the Larry King show, but all these opponents have refused to discuss Sheen’s substantive points.

“Meanwhile a new Amazon.com 5-star book, ‘The Mysterious Collapse of WTC Building 7’ by David Ray Griffin has been published, scientifically demolishing shifting explanations by the discredited National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as to what exactly happened the afternoon of 9/11.

“Answering these questions is essential to the future safety and preservation of the United States,” the VTA concluded.

Kenneth White, president
Virginia Taxpayers Association

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George Kelly | |09-17-2009 10:24:13
I am very pleased that VNS posts the Virginia Tax Payers Association letters to the Editor. VTA president Ken White expends many hours of extensive research seeking factual, accurate information for the citizens of Virginia. Your posting of his Letters to Editor is a vital step in promulgating this important information. Thank you. Sincerely, George Kelly
Joe Kee  - patriot | |09-18-2009 20:41:26
George Kelley is correct. The information offered by Mr. Ken White, of the Virginia Taxpayers Association, has consistently been accurate because of his dedication to extensive and through research.
Mr. White points out the danger of a government declaration of a "national emergency" as an excuse for internment of patriots. This is also my biggest fear.
Am I a "conspiracy theorist"? No, I am a realist and support the constitution.
Keep in mind that the efforts of those who plan in secret for an evil cause can be nullified by EXPOSURE. Each of us has an obligation to do more of it!
Joe Kee