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Hey Boys and Girls,

On 31 Dec 13 at 1645 hours, the Obama administration will issue a press release aimed at tempering the effects of a shore landing of 45,000 Chinese troops and tanks at Cape Henry, VA.  The presser will no doubt point to the need for supporting tourism to the USA.  Obama will encourage entire VA neighborhoods to welcome the Chinese into their homes in a cross cultural exchange to include conjugal rights with your wives, daughters and sisters.  

It will all be for a worthy cause, the naming of Obama as President-for-Life of the new Western Chinese Colonies.

Would our Sewer Rat-in-Chief sell-out 310 million Americans? Think about it.

"If you like your country you can keep it.  Period!"

From TheBlaze.com;— Fearing a possible unintended confrontation, the Obama administration is advising American commercial airlines to comply with China’s demands to be notified in advance of flights through its newly declared air-defense zone over the East China Sea, according to the New York Times.  The directive isn't related...


John P. Kuchta, Jr. - Virginia Beach

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