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During the summer of 2009, after Obama had taken over the US Presidency in January of that year, he stood by looking as thick as two bricks as an estimated one million Iranians took to the streets to oppose the mullahs. The protestors were stabbed, shot and burned to death.  

We saw one young woman die on camera.  Did our Sewer Rat-in-Chief send support to the protestors in the form of special operations folks with weapons, communications gear, explosives and trainers to aid the protestors?  Nope.  After waiting nine days to even make a statement on the Iranian protests, our Idiot-in-Chief said something along the lines that he did not want to become involved in the internal affairs of another country!

I'll just bet that Gadhafi and Mubarak would have loved for Obama to take that same tact for their regimes!

This new "deal" between the US and Iran was brokered only because the sanctions imposed on Iran drove the Iranian mullahs to the bargaining table.  Their currency was collapsing, inflation was rampant and the long reign of the mullahs was on the brink of collapse.  What a perfect time for Obama to lift the sanctions and save the mullahs yet again!

Is it just me or do you see a central theme emerging here? 

Capt. Crawdad - Virginia Beach

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