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In this forum, Reid Greenmun, the spokesman for the VBTA, takes me to task for responding forcefully to a letter to the editor in the Pilot, in which the city council of Portsmouth demands that we, the taxpayers of Virginia Beach, agree to pay higher municipal tip fees, and action that would cost the city and us millions of dollars more each year.

I know that members of the VBTA can hardly believe that their spokesman is defending Portsmouth in its demand that we pay higher taxes so those who failed to plan like we did can pay less.

But it is true. Impeachment is not good enough for Greenmun.

He should issue an apology to the membership for embarrassing them and then submit his letter of resignation. Afterall, if the VBTA has stood for anything, it is lower taxes, and here Greenmun supports higher taxes.

What is going on in the VBTA?

Michael J. Barrett
Virginia Beach
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Reid greenmun  - Mike works hard to deceive, doesn't he? | |09-17-2009 13:32:27
Nice try Mike. Creative. But no cigar.

I pointed out your unsuitability to represent myself and others in Virginia Beach on SPSA and quoted your own inappropriate and abusive words published in the Virginian-Pilot 9/11.

Mike, once again you embarrassed Virginia Beach residents when you disrespectfully attacked the dully elected Portsmouth City Council - you wrote the following:

"So Portsmouth's claim now is a bit like the child who, having murdered his parents, begs for relief because he is an orphan".

I correctly took you to task for your gall and hypocrisy for chastising others for their lack of civility when you are so publically disrespectful on a neighboring City Council.

As a SPSA Board member you, of all people, should know better than to publically disparage your fellow Board members.