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Once in-state tuition is allowed, then comes the setting aside of seats at institutions of higher learning for the children of illegal immigrants, thus denying them to the children of taxpaying citizens. You say the latter will not happen, but, please, no further insults. 

Mr. Braunlich attempts to justify his suggestion by claiming the Commonwealth will need an expanded workforce in the future. While I agree that Virginia will indeed need an expanded, motivated, and educated workforce to remain competitive with the other states and Commonwealths, it should not be proffered as a solution to illegal immigration and certainly should not be used to justify the granting of in-state tuition to the children of illegal immigrants.  

Rather than encourage the continued breaking of our laws and further burdening taxpaying citizens, let us make Virginia more attractive to businesses and families of U.S. citizens. Encourage other Americans to move here by making the Commonwealth a place in which people want to live, raise their families, and conduct business.  

Should Mr. Braunlich and the Virginia Chamber of Commerce continue to believe Virginia's future is dependent upon the offspring of illegal immigrants, let them dip into their own pockets and establish scholarships at the Commonwealth's institutions of higher learning. Just stop promoting the californication of Virginia. Please! 

Tom Holmes - Virginia Beach

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