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In the same vein, the public will know little about what the Czars in the background of Obama's administration are actually saying and doing. They will simply hear the eloquent words of the President "summarizing" what he is accomplishing as if it were he providing all the answers. In truth, it is people we have never elected, never heard about before, and never suspected as major players who are now a part of this new conglomerate called the presidency.

Czars are Obama's intimate co-leaders of this country with no public accountability. And the liberal-controlled Congress couldn't be happier because they understand the power and hidden agenda in this brilliant arrangement. Unfortunately for them, one Czar has already resigned because people found out what his hidden agenda was. A willing sacrifice to detract the rest from public awareness which is the movement's greatest enemy.

If you wanted a sole knowledgeable, experienced, transparent, wise, and administrative leader, you did not get it. If you simply wanted change, you indeed got a new movement of radical change. You can see the groundwork in the personal backgrounds and creation of the Czars. The terminology is not coincidental.

Welcome to the new America unless America wakes up and votes them all out for leadership as it was intended. The Constitution spells it out.

Ira White
Portsmouth VA
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