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Oceana's future in jeopardy? Probably not, admiral says
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Reid Greenmun  - UAVs comparied to pilotied aircraft | |09-17-2009 13:17:04
Fred, you mention that the future of Oceana may include expanded use of UAVs. Any idea of the ratio of support personnel that would serve at Oceana for each UAV as opposed to each F-18?

If Oceana remains, how will the futre impact the number of local jobs after the F-18s are phased out?
Wally Erb  - Duplication of Efforts. | |09-18-2009 11:10:09
Somehow the concept of the Joint in the Joint Strike Fighter is being overlooked. It would appear to the most casual observer that the simulation and operational training, as well as, operational, intermediate, and depot level maintenance would be better served by combining inter-service resources to take advantage of economies of scale.

I believe that was the premise by which the JSF was conceived.

More over, the simulation training facility being developed by the main and sub-contractors are to be centered in Florida.

If in fact the rudimentary physical, mechanical, and tactical data system characteristics of the platforms are identical, perhaps performance of tactical doctrine and operational training should also be joint.