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Apparently, Americans don't notice they're all being scammed in plain view by political hacks. On June 28, 2012, the Supreme Court ruled that the Obamacare "shared responsibility payment", termed a fine or penalty in the law, was in reality a TAX because a fine or penalty is clearly unconstitutional. This despite the fact that the Democrats purposely avoided the term "tax" like a plague because not even their supporters would have allowed it to pass.

Yet even this past Friday, Obama declared a broadcast warning to young Americans: "If you can't afford [Obamacare]...then you'll be charged a PENALTY." The president's declaration then makes clear that the act is unconstitutional. But if the Supreme Court has legitimately decreed it a tax, then the president is arrogantly defrauding Americans into actually believing it is an illegal penalty simply so they won't know they are being taxed.

Even with our gullibility taxed to the limit, the convoluted corruption of Obamacare doesn't get any clearer than that. Consider yourself scammed.

Ira White - Portsmouth VA

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