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This is the same Mayor that openly sabotaged the Cuccinelli campaign for Governor. To call Mayor Sessoms anything less than a turn coat is just being too polite.

When I called both Congressmen regarding the event this is what I was told:

I talked with with Congressman Rigell for more than a hour. Although our conversation was disagreeable it was civil and respectful from both sides.

He informed me that his opponent had raised more money than him in the first quarter. Could this be why he would need to risk associating with the big fund raising "turn coat"

Look at the list of donor developers. Mr. Rigell also said that I may quote him on this, "Will Sessoms is a fine man and the best person to run our city. If my schedule will allow I intend to attend the event".

I replied " then you pay everyone else's taxes". "Have you seen the city budget?" Congressman Rigell asked "why isn't anyone taking about my voting record?"

I replied "because it's failing. Your scores aren't that high anymore." We left the conversation with an invite from the Congressman to continue at a later date.

I was unable to reach Congressman Forbes directly but did speak with his Congressional Director Curtis Byrd. The same question was put before him as well.

Mr. Byrd's response was unbelievable. "Randy Forbes is good friends with the Rodrigue family and was just lending his name out and was not going to go. The Congressman found out afterwords that the governor was attending."

I replied that he still did not withdraw his name? I was completely appalled that he would lend his name to anything associated with a turn coat like Mayor Sessoms.

Mr. Byrd stayed true to form and just restated that the Congressman was merely helping a friend. I reiterated that I would never sell my soul to help a friend.

The question is, can anyone believe this?

With the tax increases year after year in Virginia Beach, is Will Sessoms truly the right person to run our city or just run it into bankruptcy?

The transportation law is underway to support light rail, regionalism and to have VB taxpayers pick up Norfolk's tab.

Who in their right mind (friend or not) would want to risk political suicide with such a toxic Mayor? I think the Republican Party has been through enough. The taxpayers sure have!

Waverly Woods

Hampton Roads Tea Party Chair

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