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Mr. Barrett incorrectly identifies Reid Greenmun as the official spokesman for the Virginia Beach Taxpayer Alliance (VBTA). Mr. Greenmun does serve on the VBTA board and does chair the transportation committee, but all press releases and public positions taken are approved by the VBTA Chairman, John Moss and released by the communications director.

Nowhere in Mr. Greenmun's posting did he identify himself as being affiliated with the VBTA, but rather as a private, concerned citizen.

Robert K. Dean - Communications Director
Virginia Beach Taxpayer Alliance


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Henry Ryto  - Double Standard | |09-20-2009 08:09:09
Of course, this is the same Robert Dean who regularly goes around trying to get people removed from posts based on comments they made as private citizens.

Things should start by him deciding which way he wants it, because he obviously can't have it both ways. Then, he probably thinks he can have one standard for the VBTA but an entirely different standard for everyone else.
Mike Barrett  - What an endorsement | |09-21-2009 08:26:14
Finally, we hear from Robert Dean, and in typical Dean fashion, no one knows what he really means. No wonder he was such a disaster as a member of Council, and the voters had the good sense to dispatch him back to private life as soon as possible.

But this letter takes the cake. Greenmun has put his foot in his mouth so many times, and has embarrassed even the most radical members of the organization with his irrational attacks, that for Robert to defend the organization by saying he really does not represent the organization, must be the best example yet of the pending dissolution of the VBTA.

None too soon. Not only have they been refuted at the polls, but they have gone out of their way to antagonize just about everyone. The recent campaign to defeat light rail is just another example of their dictatorial processes.

Good riddance. Robert, did John approve of your denial of Reid?
Mike Barrett  - Confused | |09-21-2009 10:44:28
So Robert, how are we to know when Greenmun is speaking for the VBTA or when he is not?

When he has identified himself in the videos opposing light rail as the Chairman of the VBTA transportation committee, is he speaking for the organization?

When he fires off a constant stream of vindictive condemnations of funding for transportation improvements, is he representing the views of the VBTA?

When he now condemns the town square at Town Center, and participates in rallies there, even though he supported the development of Town Center, is he speaking for the VBTA?

When he writes to criticize the new V.B. Convention Center, yet attends events there and applauds the facility itself, is he speaking for the VBTA?

When he opposes the development of the 31st Street project, yet members of the VBTA now enjoy those same facilities along with thousands of residents and visitors alike, is he speaking for the VBTA?

When he appears before city council and brags that he could cut ...
Reid Greenmun  - Poor Mike & Henry - they are so confused | |09-21-2009 15:51:32
Thank you Mike for admitting that you are confused. I appreciate that. Henry simply continues his misinformed personal attacks and refuses to admit he is more confused than you are. Poor Henry.

I have not opposed the new light rail TOD project in Va Beach yet - we don't have the updated SEIS yet to decide one way or another.

However, sharing the facts about the project and the facts about Norfolk's Tide is reasobable because, as a taxpayer, we are not being provied the whole story from HRT and the local media.

Exposing half-thruths being spread by pro-light rail/TOD advocates is fair and reasonable.

There have been times I have spoked on behalf of the VBTA - weith Board approval. But in those cases, I introduce myself as such, or sign my name as such.
Mike Barrett  - writing on the wall | |09-21-2009 18:25:20
Well Reid, if you can't read the writing on the wall, you must be looking somewhere else. Perhaps you had better sharpen your senses.

You just got taken to the woodshed; if you don't realize that, I am sure someone who understands these slights will be able to clue you in.

You got out so far in front without board authorization, and actually countered a carefully worded statement of neutrality on the same weekend. No one forgets these mistakes.

Resign wtih honor Reid before you are pushed out. MJB sends!
Reid Greenmun  - Wrong again Mike . . . | |09-22-2009 09:21:56
Mike, what Robert was making clear is that YOU keep making incorrect statements about the VBTA - not me.

Apparently your own myopic arrogance prevents YOU from understanding.

But - that's okay. Your own uniformed public personal attacks reveal so much about YOU that you have successfully destroyed any pretense of credibility you may have once had. Thanks! :D