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As a supporter of personal firearm ownership, both for personal protection and sporting, I must confess that I support the recent inclusion of a Lost and Stolen Firearm petition to the Virginia Beach’s recent legislative package.

First and foremost, I fail to recognize the infringement of personal liberty for failure to be responsible for a legally registered weapon that is in my name. 

Additionally, irrespective of my view of personal weapon registration, as a law-biding citizen, it is my individual responsibility to take charge, maintain, and control access to weapons under my oversight.

Rightly or wrongly, current weapon registration results in a location and ownership database. Failure to keep that index current minimize its purpose and render it inaccurate. Without timely reporting, potential notifications to bonafide weapon outlets are infringed. Also, the recovery of a misplaced, lost, or stolen weapon has the potential of being recovered in lieu of being misused in an unlawful act.

As a Libertarian, I firmly believe in the liberties afforded by the Constitution, and it is my personal responsibility to abide and protect those liberties.

Wally Erb - Virginia Beach

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