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o - Collectivism is the belief that individuals are subservient to the group; a group having no rights are thus subject to the dictates of the ruler(s).  

o - Individualism is the opposite, where rights of the individual are recognized as being inherent, God-given, and not subject to being subverted, thus, Individual rights are not subject to destruction by ruler(s) edicts.    
It was believing in individualism and that the proper purpose of government is to protect our inherent rights, that gave birth to our Constitution. 
Other ruling documents spell out what government can do.  Our Constitution is unique in spelling out what government cannot do, thereby protecting people’s inherent rights from governmental rulings
For thousands of centuries there have been people who are just as capable as Americans today. Yet, they lived in poverty.  Royalty’s life in the past doesn’t begin to compare with that of the poorest in America today.  

America has been great not because of what government has done but because of what it has not done.  
But, we have gone far afield from the principles our Constitution was founded upon. We have been the recipients of the most privileged life, one beyond the imagination of past times and the envy of the world today. 

Yet, we are throwing it away.

Unless or until we once again embrace the principles embodied in individualism, and adhere to our Constitution, we will leave a very sad heritage to future generationsIf we are not the home of the brave, we will no longer remain the land of the free.

Sue Long
 - North, VA

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