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The Light Rail is estimated to cost 100 million dollars per mile here in Virginia Beach and that is probably lowballing the actual cost. 

Yup, that's right. Now who wants it? The developers who bought up cheap land around the rail spine want it. When the land comes up for eminent domain connected to public transportation, the developers and speculators will get their payoff. 

Pretty handsomely, I'd say by asking and getting from the local, state and federal taxpayers, a mark up in land prices, versus what they initially paid for it. This is government picking winners and losers.

You, the taxpayer, in the future will be stuck with the project, whether it is successful or not. That Ice Cream is going to be very expensive. It's going to be in the developers and their candidates/officials (via campaign contributions) pockets. Check out VPAP.org. http://www.vpap.org/donors

Leslie Jones, Virginia Beach

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