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With all the overwhelming evidence, how in the world have so many been fooled? Because liberal social scientists devised a common agenda to divert people and the judicial system from a deception and its purpose: Never show or talk about the ACT itself, but replace reality with a fabricated principle of justice and tolerance.

The gay War Conference in 1988 instructed all homosexuals to profess they were "born that way" in order to claim a required element of the Civil Rights Act. Meanwhile, broadcast of intimate homosexual relationships is discouraged in media. Gays show up primarily in TV comedies where laughter and mild mockery mask the seriousness of the issue. Even after making fools of judges and toppling democratic laws, they know all too well that seeing even mild homosexual acts on daily TV would re-awaken a storm of moral honesty and undo their social maneuvering.

In the same way, pro-choice activism shuns images and wording that reveal the humanity of unborn children or the inhumanity of their demise. Instead, they argue a woman's civil right to discard an inconvenient part of "her own body". It has fostered a brutal industry with millions in abortion profits and government funding, and millions returning to liberal politicians for their complicity. Meanwhile, they desperately repress or redefine the medical facts, barbaric acts of abortion procedures, and blatant political corruption which would repulse their most passive converts. 

What began as a devious moral overhaul of America by activists has elicited the illegal subjugation of America by activist judges. We were not born to be fools for a counterfeit society. As long as people remain relentless in exposing and opposing laws that redefine morality, marriage, and even murder, a republic of reason will win out over a dictatorship of deception.

Ira White - Portsmouth VA

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