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During the press conference, The Dear Leader did not appear to accept the fact that he had been rejected. Unless I missed it, he also never accepted responsibility for his party's failures. Not once did I hear the statesmanship of a Bill Clinton or George W. Bush, both who faced similar situations. Instead I witnessed the reaction of a spoiled child whose favorite toys had been taken away.

Thus, I fear a dangerous time is upon us, particularly between now and the swearing in of the new Congress in January, because the White House is occupied by a very loose, immature, and dangerous cannon. Barry's lack of humility, refusal to accept responsibility, and confrontational tone during the press conference, all combined with his proven incompetence, do not bode well for the Republic's immediate future.

What this means is that the GOP can't afford to sit around and bask in the afterglow of Tuesday's smack down. The new, GOP-led Congress must remain alert to the possibility that Barry may not operate in the presidential mode, but rather in a dictatorial or, even a delusional mode. This makes it even more imperative than ever that those elected to do the nation's business do more than posture for the next election cycle. Congress can't sit back and whine - it has to lead in the absence of that trait in the White House.

I just hope I'm wrong and that for once Barry will put the country before ego. While Wednesday's press conference did not leave me with any warm fuzzy feelings, perhaps he will conduct a serious reality check over the next few days and decide to do the right thing. 

We can hope that he'll decide to change his ways for the Republic to move forward.

Tom Holmes - Virginia Beach 

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