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But philosophy professor David Schmidtz points out, "If you're trying to prove your heart is in the right place, it isn't."

The other compassion is moved by suffering, but motivated towards efforts that demonstrate success in relieving it in effective and sustainable ways. It's not just the intent, but the methods and results that count, too. 

It is not empathy alone but moral virtues, social principles, and accountability that are necessary to achieving true compassion that accomplishes its goal.

The political theorist Jean Bethke Elshtain wrote, "Pity is how deeply I can feel. And in order to feel this way, to experience the rush of my own pious reaction, I need victims the way an addict needs drugs." 

This is why so many Democrats and arrogant activists who make a living off of distress, dissension, and division don't talk about the failures of liberal welfare policies or try to change them. 

They merely say, "We need to do more." The "more" ends up as fiscal waste that aids vanity and vote counts more than the suffering. They care more about caring than conquering the problem. It is a perverse reality.

Look at the poverty and decay in all the major debt-ridden, Democrat-owned cities and states. The results speak for themselves. Which kind of compassion do you prefer?

Ira White - Portsmouth

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