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The last stop of the day was in Yorktown where, in the pouring down rain, over 300 citizen activists showed up to tell government to get their hands of our healthcare! It was a great event, but guess who didn’t even bother to show up after being called, faxed, and emailed multiple press releases? You guessed it: The Daily Press. So what was this horrific “hate speech” we were accused of. Tamara Dietrich wrote

“The very next day at a "Hands Off My Health Care" rally in York County, Barack Obama was accused of lying yet again – this time in absentia – by Republican Del. Brenda Pogge and organizer Ben Marchi of the conservative Americans for Prosperity group, recalls county resident Pam Pouchot. The crowd took up the chant: Liar, liar, liar.

"We are becoming a Third World country in our thinking," Pouchot says. "Facts are no longer necessary, just rumors and innuendo. Civility, what little there was, is gone."
Former President Jimmy Carter believes racism is at the root.
That when we cry "socialist" or "communist" or "Nazi," what we mean is the N-word. When we shout, "We want our country back," what we mean is a black man has no business in the White House unless he's mopping the floors.”

Heaven forbid we call out our leaders when they lie to us! So this morning, The Daily Press has come after myself and Delegate Pogge, both by name as well as lumping us in with true hate groups like the Klan. If some of you on this list live in that area (greater Tidewater), or happened to be at that rally, please make your voice heard, by writing a letter to the editor and asking for more accountability from their columnists.  Or simply post a comment to the story.

Folks we are the front line in the fight against big government. I think we all know the consequences if we fail.

Benjamin Marchi
State Director
Americans for Prosperity
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