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Refrain from regurgitating what your masters lay before you. If you truly have the best interests of our city and its citizens at heart, and are not merely promoting some special interest agenda, you have an obligation to research both sides of the issue before forming your opinion. You'll at least be in the position to make a more literate and mature rebuttal.  

Our nation has some tough decisions ahead. There certainly are aspects of government upon which we can improve. However, selling our souls and heritage and scrapping the Constitution should not be part of the process. Creating an issue where none exists (e.g., your despicable playing of the race card) won't solve anything. Neither will denigrating fellow citizens who choose to voice an opposing view over an issue.

You write of your concern about the "darker elements of society." Take care to ensure that you can look at yourself in the mirror and not see one of those staring back at you. Otherwise, the real shame may well be what YOU have become.


Tom Holmes
Virginia Beach
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Mike Barrett  - Health Care Reform | |09-25-2009 09:40:28
Thanks Tom; all that angst because I have joined with the Republican leader of the House of Representatives and agreed that we do need health care reform?

Yes, I do support reform. I think we need universal coverage, we need reform of private plans that cancel recipients when they get sick and prevent them from buying insurance becasue of pre-existing conditions, we need new methods to control spiraling costs, and we need tort reform.

Now, where Baynor and I do not agree is that this will cost more, and I support the President's insistence that we pay for this cost, not add these costs to the national debt.

As to your insistence that all of this is unconstitutional, I simply do not agree. But if you really believe this, will you support cancellation of MediCare and MediCaid? That is, will you deny converage to the elderly and the poor because these programs are in your view unconstitutional?

I look forward to your response. MJB sends!