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You should be warning the public over and over again that they must take efforts to protect themselves from the Fukushima radioactive contamination that has made its way into our ecosystem  by increasing Vitamin C and alpha lipoic acid consumption. This recommendation comes from Russell Blaylock, MD. 

Even before Fukushima, I spoke with a retired medical doctor here in Virginia Beach. She admitted that the rate of cancer here in VB is higher than normal due to the close proximity of the Surry Nuclear Power Plant and the other hidden military nuclear power plants here. 

Finally, I remind you that there is NO need whatsoever for nuclear or any other type of power plant. Nikola Tesla, the father of modern physics and discoverer of alternating electric current, also discovered a type of energy that permeates the earth. He discovered that this energy can be tapped like an electronic waterwheel and even powered an automobile with it. 

THAT is what you should be promoting, and NOT nuclear power. 


Christine Ross

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