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- Why is there no call for the removal of all symbols related to Islam in the wake of the latest act of terror? 

- Why are mohammedans allowed to continue building mosques in which jihad against Christians and Jews is the word of the day? 

- Why are our elected officials and law enforcement agencies intimidated by mohammedans? 

- Why aren't mohammedans here in America who call for jihad against Western Civilization and the destruction of Israel arrested and charged with hate crimes or, better yet, deported back to the dung heaps from whence they came?

- Why aren't the so-called moderate mohammedans speaking out and protesting the works of the so-called radical minority?

Friends & neighbors: I say again (and I'm not alone in this): Islam is not a religion. It is a cultural and political force that uses the guise of religion to worm its way into our society. 

Standing up to the threat of Islam is not the politics of hate, but rather a matter of the survival of our faith and hard-won freedom. 

Tom Holmes, Virginia Beach

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