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In America one can rise above one's birth and circumstances, but you can't rise above your level of intelligence.  Kerry seems to have been born lucky, and married lucky, but beyond that seems to have not one single mitigating, socially redeemable trait.  The Moron Cycle of Life:

  1. Morons will be morons
  2. Morons don't KNOW they're morons.
  3. In fact, morons typically think they're BRILLIANT.
  4. Most do-gooders, big-government types, and authoritarians are morons.
  5. Morons breed with other morons and give birth to an inordinate number of little morons.
  6. ...who grow up to breed with other morons and give birth to...well, you know.
  7. Morons elect other morons to office with depressing regularity.
  8. Go back to number 1 and repeat.

This "Moron Cycle of Life" is killing America.

Thus endeth the lesson.

Bill Stanley

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